This screen contains all of the router's basic setup functions. Most users will be able to use the router's default settings without making any changes. If you require help during configuration, please see the user guide.

Host Name:  

    (Required by some ISPs)
Domain Name:       (Required by some ISPs)

      Firmware Version:  


LAN IP Address:  

   (MAC Address: mac_address_lan)
      . . . (Device IP Address)
      (Subnet Mask)


   (MAC Address: mac_address_wire)
      Channel:   (Domain: USA)
      WEP:   Mandatory Disable    

WAN IP Address:  

   (MAC Address: mac_address_wan)
   Obtain an IP Address Automatically
   Specify an IP Address: . . .
       Subnet Mask: . . .
Default Gateway Address:  . . .
DNS 1 (Required): . . .
DNS 2 (Optional): . . .
DNS 3 (Optional): . . .


    PPPoE   RAS   Disable
         NOTE: PPPoE is for ADSL users only.
                RAS is for SingTel user only.
      User Name:  
      RAS Plan:    
      Connect on Demand: Max Idle Time Min.
    Keep Alive: Redial period
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