Firmware Version: 1.52.5_beta4  


Broadband Firewall Router    BEFSX41 
Setup Security Restrict
& Gaming
Administration Status
Basic Setup




MAC Address Clone


Advanced Routing

Internet Setup

Internet Connection Type      
Optional Settings
(required by some ISPs)
   Host Name:    
     Domain Name:    
       MTU:  Enable Disable   Size:    
Network Setup          
Router IP    Local IP Address:   . . .  
     Subnet Mask:    
Network Address
Server Settings (DHCP)
   Local DHCP Server:  EnableDisable  
     Start IP Address:     192.168.1.   
     Number  of  Address:    
     DHCP Address
 Range: to  
     Client Lease Time:   minutes (0 means one day)  
     DNS 1:   . . .  
     DNS 2:   . . .  
     DNS 3:   . . .  
     WINS:   . . .  
Time Setting    Time Zone:  
  Default NTP Server    User-Defined NTP Server    
  Basic Setup

The Basic Setup screen is where basic configuration is performed.Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will require that you enter the DNS information. These settings can be obtained from your ISP. After you have configured these settings, you should set a router password from theAdministration->Management  screen.

Completing the Internet Setup section is all that is required to set up for your specificISP. Please look at the table below to configure the Router for your Internet connection.

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